About Us

About the Brand:

Lilith + McRae is a designer lifestyle brand which includes handcrafted statement jewelry pieces.

We source unique semi-precious stones, healing crystals, beads and pendants from all over the world.

Each signature necklace and bracelet is made with a trendy, neoclassic touch and luxurious, refined quality look and feel that appeals to trendsetters worldwide.

The brand is a tribute to Lilith, the divine goddess who symbolizes feminine empowerment and sexuality and pays homage to Louise McRae, great-grandmother of co-founder Tanisha Everett.

The Founders:

Tanisha Everett and Tihanna McCleese are the co-founders of Lilith + McRae. The brand, which launched in 2014, was initially the love-child of Everett (an Oakland-based jewelry designer), until the pair met in early 2017, formed a sister-friend bond, and began working together to scale the brand to a global level.

The biz partner-besties, met while completing an entrepreneurial leadership program in the Bay Area and although they did not initially hit it off, they quickly connected around their love of all things authentically fun, luxurious and divinely feminine!

Each collection is a reflection of their shared international tastes, culture and creativity.

In addition to Lilith + McCrae, Tanisha runs an image coaching service and women empowerment blog. Tihanna is a blogger, tiny library builder and business marketing coach. Both are successful spirit-preneurs.