Mod-ern Gal

There is something about the Mod 60s and sassy 70s that call to me. Perhaps its because I am a 70s born child who grew up on 60s TV shows and cartoons like the Jetsons and gorgeous celebrities like Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick, Edie Sedgwick and Jackie O. Or perhaps I just love cropped denim jeans and ankle boots, or mini skirts and over the knee boots or platform shoes and flowy floral dresses and bright colors. Whatever the case, I can’t help to celebrate an era that was unforgettable for some of the best fashion as well as some of fashion’s wackiest inventions –leisure suits anyone?


Allow the looks that I created below to inspire your wandering rebel child and don’t forget to tag me on your inspired looks on Instagram or Facebook.





Maxed-Out Mod 60s Vibe
Mini Mod
Mod Squad

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